Brad Crawford (Crawdad Brad)

brad2Brad Crawford, a native Texan, currently resides in Forney, TX. He received his first banjo as a Christmas present from his parents at the age of 20 and originally learned to play in the early 1980s after being formally introduced to Bluegrass music.

Although Brad gained a passion for the banjo during that time, the instrument eventually sat idle while he completed his degree in Civil Engineering and started a family and it remained largely idle for most of the next 25 years.  However, Brad was moved by a sermon one Sunday morning in which his pastor suggested that you should follow your passion because that may be a good indication what God wants you to do. Brad’s passion was reignited and he sat down in earnest to learn to play all over again.

With a lot of encouragement from close friends, he has been playing consistently since 2008. Brad’s public debut started informally with other members of his church in the foyer one Sunday morning. That impromptu jam session led to many other opportunities to share his love of gospel bluegrass music. Brad was influenced by the great Earl Scruggs and J.D. Crowe but has had little formal instrument instruction. In his spare time, Brad is an amateur Luther and builds various acoustic instruments including guitars, mandolins, and banjos. Brad’s current banjo is a 1926 Gibson ball-bearing arch top banjo with a 5-string conversion neck. It was coincidental to the purchase of this banjo in 2008 that his passion for the banjo was reignited.